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'Magellan Circumnavigation' Songbook - Bob Whitley (2022)

A 43 page, A5 full-colour songbook describing the full story of the voyage, accompanied with gorgeous imagery and all of the song lyrics. 

'Magellan Circumnavigation' is a musical story of love divided by the greatest voyage of human exploration the world has seen. It follows a sailor on the voyage and his wife at home, mirroring the lives of Ferdinand and Beatriz Magellan. A story of mutinies, battles, storms, shipwreck, love and loss performed by Bob Whitley (Vocals, guitars and mandola) and Lee MacKenzie (Vocals and cello).

Jon's Dad, Bob Whitley, began writing a folk musical called ‘Magellan: Circumnavigation – we sail to prove the earth is round’ and completed it ready to perform as the 500th year anniversary of Magellan's voyage began in 2019.

'Magellan Circumnavigation' Songbook - Bob Whitley (2022)


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