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Some of our best moments - remastered

We've had a huge amount of requests to make some of our previous online broadcasts available to view again. Some of you missed concerts the first time around, and some of you just want to be able to keep the concert in perpetuity so that you can watch it again whenever you like! 

After a few months of hard work, we're delighted to be able to unveil our 'Concert Archive' platform where we're making a selection of our online concerts available to watch again! 

If you've watched one of our livestreams, the process will be very similar. Once you've purchased your concert, you'll automatically be sent a confirmation email with a link to a dedicated 'Concert Page'. On that page, you'll have a variety of options where you can stream the concert direct to: Smart TV, computer, tablet or phone.​

And as with all of our live shows - every concert comes with a 100% guarantee. If you can't get the technology to work for any reason - we'll refund your order. Simple as that! 😊

Still got questions? Read our FAQs by clicking here! 

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I've not seen Ninebarrow before...will the quality really be as good as they're suggesting?

In short...yes! It absolutely will. 😊 We've invested a significant amount of money in the equipment needed to broadcast our concerts at the highest possible quality and we've also invested thousands of hours (literally!) mastering how to use it all. We've been thrilled by how many positive comments we've had about the quality of our concerts - and not an inconsiderable number of people have told us that our streams are the highest quality they've seen broadcast online. Don't take our word for it though! Have a little peak at our December concert and judge for yourself! 

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How does the Concert Archive work

Buying an archived concert will allow you to watch the concert on your phone, tablet, laptop or compatible Smart TV.

Once you've purchased an archived show, we'll email you a link to a webpage on which you'll be able to watch the concert. We'll also send you detailed 'how-to' guides on things like 'How you can watch on your smart TV'. If you've joined us for one of our livestreamed concerts - the experience will be very similar.

Which platforms will the concert be accessible on?

Our concert archive utilises YouTube as a broadcast platform. 

What happens if my internet is slow?

Oh, the joys of rural broadband! The good news here is that our concerts will adapt to the speed of your internet connection. The higher your speed - the higher the quality you'll receive. But we've set this up so that even relatively slow connections should be able to watch in good quality. The stream will always prioritise the audio too, so the quality of that should never suffer. Every concert is also available to download in its entirety. This means you can always download it in advance and then watch without any need to stream.

Can I watch the concert more than once?

You certainly can! By purchasing an archived concert, you'll own the broadcast indefinitely and access the MP3 audio in perpetuity. 

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