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'The Colour of Night' Digital Download (2023)

Welcome to album number five! This collection is released in the tenth year since we picked up a ukulele and decided to have a go at singing some songs together as a duo. We certainly feel like we’ve come a long way since those earliest days - we’re packing a few more instruments in the car for a start! - and we feel incredibly blessed to have received so much love and support from our beloved ‘Barrow Bods’. We look forward to making much more music for you, for many years to come!


It’s been a little while since our last album, and the world has certainly felt a bit topsy-turvy in the interim! In those darker moments your messages of support kept our spirits aglow, allowing us to discover exciting new trails through the twilight. A lot of the songs on this album reflect this sentiment. Others are reworkings of some of our favourite songs which have brought us so much joy for so many years; always a touchstone of comfort when the going gets tough.


We hope our music can help you in the same way.



'Chock-full of 11 stunning must-hear tracks which flies the proud flag of absolute quality'

Folk Wales



Production values are faultless and the same can be said of another of Ninebarrow’s beautifully produced booklets.


'Ten years and five albums into their career folk duo Ninebarrow have crafted their finest album to date. 'The Colour of Night' is pure class.' 

Folk Radio UK


'Exquisitely crafted harmonies...subtle and beguiling'

Lancashire Telegraph


'An intoxicating triumphant way to mark their first ten years and a tantalising suggestion of what yet lies ahead'


'A lovely collection of original and borrowed songs, beautifully recorded and delivered with great skill and polish.'

Essex Folk News


'Now and again you hear an album which on first play tells you that you will return to it again and again because of what it does to you. This is one of those.'

Tykes Stirrings Magazine

'The Colour of Night' Digital Download (2023)

  • Each download is delivered in a Zip file and includes 320kbps mp3 and lossless WAV versions of the album. Sleeve art is included, as well as a digital copy of the album songbook.

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